Giraffe Ranch



Have you ever fed a giraffe or smelled their grassy breath? These are memories that will last you a lifetime! Located just outside of Tampa, this family owned and operated is on 47 acres of rolling countryside. Giraffe Ranch offers intimate safari expeditions led by experienced driver-guides in customized four wheel drive safari tour vehicles. You will learn about native and exotic animals and their animals. You could also ride a camel in the camel expedition, see the safari from a Segway or take the Llama Trek. The ranch is a native wildlife preserve as well as a working agritourism farm and ranch where animals have room to roam. The safaris are up close and hands on interactive experiences where you can feed a giraffe, pet a camel, and get right up to rhino, Brazilian tapir, and pygmy hippos. Their animals are from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

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