Key West Beaches



Known as the southernmost city in the United States of America, Key West’s beaches offer some of the best snorkeling and diving in the country. Since the island is only four miles wide, there are only a few miles of shoreline available for beach goers. The water is shallow and the tide is usually calm, so swimmers can wade a ways out before the drop off. Dog Beach allows dogs to run leash-free. Zachary Taylor beach is one of the natural beaches consisting of ground up coral. Incredible snorkeling is available off the shores of Key West where Goliath grouper, turtles, dolphins and tarpon can be spotted. Smathers beach is the most popular beach on Key West and offers many rentals for jet skiing, volleyball. Off of Key West, Bahia Island and Dry Tortugas offer exclusive and untouched natural beauty.


Photos courtesy of Key West Chamber of Commerce

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