Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum



The Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum was created in partnership with the Osceola County Historical Society and Osceola County to share the county’s rich history with locals and visitors. The center is comprised of realistic dioramas showcasing different habitats that you could encounter while in Osceola County: swamplands, pine flatwoods, oak hammock, and lakefront. Once you experience each section in person, you’ll see just how much nature and history are tied together in Osceola County. The museum also features exhibits related to the citrus and cattle industries, transportation and early tourism in the area.

Each exhibit features an interactive display and scavenger hunts. You can apply what you’ve learned in the museum just steps outside of our building on Shingle Creek and see first hand the wildlife in its natural setting. The Welcome Center and History Museum also offers a multi-purpose room that seats 50 with a mini kitchen. There is also a screened porch overlooking Shingle Creek trail that would be a lovely site for any outdoor event.

Phone: (407) 396-8644
Website: www.osceolahistory.org
Address: 4155 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741
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